There is not a day that passes by where I don't watch at least an episode of anime or read a few pages from a manga. Obsessed with it? Of course! But anime is like my escape and my friend. Anyone have a http://myanimelist.net/ ???? I would love to be your friend and talk about/recommend anime to watch :]
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SAME OuO AHH im such a fangirl when it comes to shoujo guys xD. I usually go on instagram and fangirl with my online friend over pictures haha. And there is another online friend on instagram who always recommends manga(mostly) everyday and i like the ones she chooses haha

I watch more anime than I do read manga but do not be afraid you are not alone! It serves not only as an escape for me but simply it's what I'm interested in, not much programming on TV captures my interest aside from a handful of shows 2 of which have just went on their season finale, so outside of Toonami and Adult Swim I'm usually watching Anime.

Haha :D Excellent! Yes it is an escape and entertainment at times. I actually don't watch television at all either. :] It's been like that for almost 3-4 years. I watch more anime as well than read manga. Not really a reason why, but I like it more.haha

Same reason with me for manga it's not that I don't like it, it's just I'd rather watch it, I really don't get the people who are like "oh the manga is better" I understand they write stuff and some characters out for the Anime but long as it doesn't disrupt the overall storyline and leave you puzzled like Deadman Wonderland then there is really no reason to research into the manga for further details beyond what was shown.

Deadman Wonderland was freaking amazing. haha Well I enjoyed the storyline and blood/violence/gore. haha

:D my expectation wont be let down then! I plan to read that soon!!

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What's wrong with loving manga???? Just between you and me, I read Rosario to vampire ahaha... But don't tell anyone tthough ahaha

Ahaha oh goodness, I saw the anime and was shocked by how perverted it was lol. -_- I was only like...14 at the time haha

Haha you say "don't tell anyone" but its publicly online xD

*Shock* Oh no!!!! Haha nah i dont mind, i think its funny =)

Each chapter has the same story line and end the same is that only for the first few chapters?

I didn't like the first lot that much, but the second half up till current is good. Just don't watch the anime of it, its so stupid...

ohkay ^^ thanks for the heads up lol

you're welcome =)

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