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Anyone know any good websites where I can watch anime .? And any good ones I should watch next
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Cancel is a good site. You can even look anime up by genre on there. There's also Eastanime which has a good selection too

*Guilty Crown
*Aquarion Evol
*Blood Lad
*Aoi no Exorcist
*Attack on Titan
-Code Geass was great :)
& i loved Vampire Knight x) Ouran Highschool Host club was entertaining :)
I guess it depends on what kind of storyline you're into... i could recommend a bit more but that's gonna be a long list. x) has a good list of anime to watch for free. Try Kore wa Zombie desu ka? If you don't mind subs is a good one, if you sign up(free), you can also have a favourites list so you can keep track on which episode you want to watch next and there is a "popular" section that shows the anime that is popular at the moment

dont you need to pay .?

Darker than Black

you can watch the English Dubbed here :
and the ones with subtitles here : :)

You are awesome >_< thanks a bunch

* Vampire Knight
* Trinity Blood
* Blood +
* Bleach

Thanks ill check em out ,except bleach i finish it great picks

I usually watch and download animes in

Also and

"Death note" is a great anime show. Even if your not an anime fan I would still recommend watching it. The storyline is awesome!

Im currently watching it lol ive just reach the part where N and melo appear it really was awesome

Yeah, I have watched it recently.. Its a superb anime. Every one should watch it. I don't like that climax :( :(

yeah, is good! ^_^

Hey :D

Actually it's been a while since I was back into watching animes! So atm I'm in a Anime Otaku mood!!! xD I'm watching my animes on "Animecrazy" it's got animes & J-dramas/k-dramas etc

So recently the new animes I've been watching is

-Magi; the labyrinth of magic (still airing)

-Swords Art Online ( still airing too)

Other animes recommended just yesterday (for me xD) were

-Darker than black

-Guilty crown

-Gunslinger girls


-Ghost hunt

Well it also depends on what genre you like I suppose :3

Thanks I'll definitely check them out,by the way berserk is awesome

Sadly Berserk doesnt seem to be on animecrazy (^^;) though if you say I will defo find a way to watch it! xD

Oh,I actually read the manga I can't find episode for it only the 1st 20 I saw

I think I'll try find the anime first, maybe later read the manga :3

Awesome! I like your taste in anime!! :D

thanks! :D

Well Sword Art Online has released their complete episodes. It was excellent, right? And the 2013 tokyo anime award was given to SAO!! (in television category) :D

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I usually go on 'anime here' and 'anime freak' but some times I just go on to any old site
(NOT HENTAI!!) But sorry dude even I'm still trying to find some new anime...Honestly I think I'll just watch 'Inuyasha' again so if you haven't seen that try it out.

Okay thanks, and I've seen inuyasha but never actually finish it think I might now