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i love Monster,claymore,samurai champloo,cowboy bebop,rainbow: nisha rokubo no shichinin,gantz,great teacher onizuka,crayon shin chan,gungrave.....if someone has a similar taste add me.
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I love those cowboy bepop, shinchan (*** dance!) samurai shamploo ( i died on the beat boxing episode) seen GT0 when i was younger, need to finish claymore awsome show. Have you seen like , beserk, ghost hunt, bastard or Dragon half those are good anime's to lol

shin chan!you know there are not even one anime like this, at least i don't know anything similar...there is south park...but it's on a diff level....a f u level...well never saw berserk, because if you read the manga you will never see the show, because compare to manga, anime sucks big time...ghost hunt is good.i like anime, movies with a bit realism or at least some logic....don't like goofy stuff,love triangle....mostly adult stuff...nowadays i am watching stein jap, korean movies too...

Yeah shin chan was diffently out there, my friends Hated that show. I wanna say Ranma 1/2 has that silliness in the show, to kind of like shinchan. Oh and Yep! i read Beserk manga series, stayed up all night, just could not stop. I still like the show it only sucked because they didnt finish it ( thats my point of view ). I like some goofy anime, slice of life anime like His and her cirsumstance , lucky star but i do love alot of adult anime like Vampire hunter D Hellsing and others im having a hard time of thinking right now. lol I like watching japanese and korean dramas and movies to. There was this japanese show, it was really good. Its about a girl writing about her evil sister and her younger sister was trying to make her move out house. I forget the name of it though. Oh! and Dream high the korean drama.

only seen one drama called nodame cantabile, not into drama's...seen many jap movies along with many other foreign....liked harakiri, red beard, villain, blue spring.....if you are into slice of life you should try stein gate...weird but diff....tried of typical stuff...last one i saw was i think another....which i didn't enjoyed..going to download psycho pass when it gets finished...

Ill look that up i like weird anime's and your so lucky right now i had the most unluckiest day ever my computer fried its basically dead ..all my anime i had on there yu yu hakusho, ghost hunt everything else gone.. all i could save was important stuff like my documents ...Which its ironic actaully becuz i wanted to get a new computer

well i know that this stuff is the only thing i love and done in my life....that's why i burn dvd's..movies, games, anime....all burned...hdd backup is not the answer because hdd can easily crash due to some reasons....if you haven't tried already, try using data recovery softwares like easeus, r studio....

Yeah i took it to the shop and they put sum of my data that was important on a disk which its cool though May i say the way you type you seem like a quiet person you probably like to be by yourself huh? Which dont get me wrong its not a bad thing either Also what kind of games do you like?

well i don't get what you mean, the way i type?(i like to type like this..)my first language is not english so... and for the games see my profile...i mostly like rpg's...but never hesitate to try anything new..

I wasnt slamming they way you type i hope u didnt think i was. I'm basically was trying to read your personality.. I guess i need to work on you like rpgs like final fantasy , kingdom hearts or perhaps persona? I like.fallout to but im not good at it but its hella fun lol i remember screaming with my best friend about the death claws lol

well fallout 2 is the best rpg i played in my whole life.....just bear the 2d graphics....and bit dull environment...but it's a masterpiece...never played anything liked it...well your final fantasy....i get that but i don't like that stuff....except for some can say i don't have a stamina for rpg's like those...come online to chat..

Lol ok i kinda understand what games you like. The best rpg game i EVER played was Jade empire on the Xbox, i could not stop playing that game that game. Omg your making me want to play it right now lol I am online, we just seem to miss each other. lol

jade's also on it that good?this month i am just waiting for bioshock 3.....western are not good at making solid, orig, diff stuff...jap are the king in the industry.....their movies are also very simple words, they rule! anime, movies, h-stuff, music,games, cosplay........have you seen train man(movie)....if you haven't, see it..

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