Anime + Manga= Yay

Watching anime was an escape route for me to happiness back when i thought friends were not important. My 2nd Year in high school was pretty rough because was a freshman without a knowledge on the people around me. I got my first friend who was a girl, she was friendly that's all i can say. Well, now you're thinking what this has to do about anime but im reassuring everyone that this is connected to anime by 51% if not 100 ^^. So on with the story i fell in love with her blah blah and she got into a fight with her boyfriend, broke up(P.M. I became the best of friends with her boyfriend... nice right?) Anyways, we became close to each other and her ex was rooting for me.. But i blew it.. I lost my friends, lost my love and all i could run to was anime.. I loved anime much more from that did i explain that SHE loved anime too?

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4 Responses Nov 1, 2008

Anime and manga is like the sweetest water, difficult to find but the greatest to take in. I love Black Bird. The One, Vampire Knight and all kinds. I like Shoujo and Shounen i love it all. Never give up because people will screw you over but manga and Anime wont well unless the Manga-ka is a jerk. XD

I really like SUZUKA that was the best romantic anime ive seen. Shounen romance is the best lol

I love anime. I gravitate toward shoujo but do enjoy things like Starship Operators and Akira (yep I know it came out yonks ago but that one never lets up until the end!)

Not sure what exactly 'Amine' is, but it sounds like it made a pretty good connection for ya! Tell me about 'Anime', you've sparked my interest!