I Saw a Totoro Today...

It is called Chinchillas. I think it is a kind of Guinea pig from South America...so cute...


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5 Responses Nov 30, 2008

Totoro is the movie that all little kids should watch when they're young.. It's such a happy movie! I loved it ever since I was a small kid..

so cute!

I have seen all of them when I was a little kid. I dreamt about being a witch like Kiki from Kiki's Delievery Service. Have you seen Grave of Fireflies? The movie is tear-*******. So sad.

That will be super cute...p^_^q

I think some chinchillas got droopy ears...okay,I didn't take the photo. I found it in the internet. The one I saw got paler fur color. And it got droopy ears. Except for its color, it is a real life Totoro...It appeared to be a lazy chubby fellow...looked so much like a pile of fur...lol...but so cute....

Aww...you should have posted the picture. I wanna see too.