I'm a big fan of Anime & Manga. My favourites are from Hayao Miyazaki. He does really great work. One that I love is Narcissca Valley of the Wind, a great movie that I would recommended to all anime/manga fans

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Where have you guy's been all my life.No seriously I fell tears in my eyes...Any-who I love Miyazaki. It was him that introduced me to the world of anime and manga at a young age. Even today I just keep on watching his films.

P.S. has his final work come out yet? (about the robot girl)

I've seen most of Miyazaki's stuff and nothing has disappointed me. He did a TV series way back in the late 70's called Future Boy Conan which is hard to find nowdays but just as good as his film, but Spirited away is probably my fave.

I Love the Movies from Hayao Miyazaki. I've watched and follow all his anime movies. The latest is "The Borrower Arrietty" and "From up on Poppy Hill". My favorites are Howls Moving Castle and Spirited Away. They are very cool.

^_^ howls moving castle was really cool-the stories are just so unique! if you get the chance sometime the cat returns, my neighbor totoro and pompoko are all pretty good too ;)

I haven't actually seen that many, but the one's I've seen I love.<br />
NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind, <br />
Howl's Moving Castle,<br />
Kiki's Delivery Service,<br />
Spirited Away<br />
<br />
The first two are my favourites, they are also the first movies of his that I saw

hes my favorite too! :) how many of his movies have you seen?