idk i am weaboo trash pretty much.
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As long as you don't like main stream anime, your cool in my book!

most of mainstream anime is literal garbage anyways. so yay im cool ^_^

if u love fighting manga , or psychological manga then it's normal

if u love fighting manga , or psychological manga then it's normal

I see nothing wrong with having a hobby that you enjoy very much. :)
BTW, is that an Enemoto profile pic?

yeah youre right ^^ i dont have much shame in it but sometimes i find myself debating headcanons and stuff. yes thats her!!

I'm pretty bad at interpreting things; I usually just take it at face value. That's really cool how you can get into debates about this. I'm wondering, was there anything about Mekkakucity Actors/Kagepro that I might have missed by watching only the anime?

ah i see. yeah i just get into the moment and just challenge headcanons and such since anime is something i really get into!!! there is a lot more to kagepro then mca. a lot of it is context and such. it can be confusing to watch it without knowing about it before but if you feel that you understand it and such im sure its okay :o

Nothing necessarily wrong with that. Not sure about the trash part though.

yeah i know that but i have an extreme love of anime and manga im pretty much trash for watching/reading it too much idk

Not really. Someone isn't trash for doing what they enjoy. If you love anime and mange then you should enjoy it without worrying about being trash or not(which you aren't). If you are trash then we all are because we all love anime and manga.