Naruto And Deatnote Opinions

Naruto Shipuden is awesome. I like it because their ninjas and have powers and mad killer skills. Naruto the main character really grabs my attention because he's so dedicated and determined. When the creators  made him they sure did add star qualities that we as people should have and want to have.

Now on to Death note. That show cracks me up. Not trying to be mean or offend anyone but who ever heard of a killer killing all criminals in the name of justice. If I had a death note, that's the weapon that was used to kill the criminals, I wouldn't waste my time on childish ambitions like that. L is the detective who is trying to track down the killer is so smart and cunning. I would not want him on my back. These are just some of my opinions on the show and would like to hear some of yours. Here are a few questions that I would like answered. (only death note related questions)

1: What do you think of the show?

2: What do you think of each character?

3: If you were part of the cast ( like one of the characters) who would you be and what would you do different?

4:If you had a Death note what would you do with it?

5:Do you think that Light Yagami's (the main character) means justified his end? (hope I asked that question right)

So who ever is out there let me know what you think. (yes that means you anime lovers)

Llover Llover
18-21, F
Oct 30, 2009