I Like Romance Anime

When I first got in to anime about 7 years ago, I was just lost and excited and this new form of entertainment I found for myself.
Ofcourse like most guys, I started off with shounen anime, because I've Loved DBZ since I was a kid, but after going through several dozen of those I started broadening my horizon and found Joy in other genre's of anime, especially romance anime. It hit me hard, harder than any other genre did before that, kinda weird at first, cuz I'm a man (well a teenager back then) and men like beer, boobs, sports and food, but still I loved it and kept watching, probably because the relationships between the characters of the anime and the relationships I've had couldn't be more different (my longest relationship lasted 2 months), I like the purity of it all and that's what has kept me hooked for these past 7 years, though over the years, I've also grown to love all kinds of different genre's and romance anime has gotten more of a backseat due to the fact that there aren't many good romance anime coming out anymore, but still it's my first true love among all the different kinds of anime. I've also had a great community to share my thoughts and experiences with over the past 6 and a half year involving romance anime, hell the forum is even called Romance Anime Forum, you're all welcome to join me there if you'd like (got the same nickname there), but I'll also stick around here, never hurts having more people to talk to, now does it?
Cya guys around
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One of my best friends (male, 31 years old) is also really into shoujo romance series. I remember that he used to get his sister to buy the manga for him using his money so he wouldn't be embarrassed.

Thanks for the info on the Romance Anime Forum