I Used To Hate Anime Fans But Now I Am One.. X)

That time, anime fans always talked about sakura the cardcaptor.. for school they always wore this dorky megane look.. it became annoying how excited they are and that everyday they talked about what shows they saw on TV around 6pm.. I was like (snort) what's the hype all about..

So after I finished high school, I didn't work, I didn't start college and I'm bored, so I flipped channels and came to animax.. it was still new then.. all my exuberant character that I've never known existed were unleashed.. Ooo My God.. I EvEn thought yuyu hakusho was simply divine.. ;D little that I know I have yet to find my own taste.. It's hard to compile a list, so here it goes:

so here is my taste:

Ouran High School Host Club
Katekyo Hitman Reborn (only for the yaoi part)
Samurai 7
Fruits Basket
Honey and Clover
Hunter X Hunter
Gunslinger Girl
Sex Pistols
Full Metal Alchemists Brotherhood
Keroro Gunso
Avatar: The last air bender (don't think this counts as an anime)
Eden of the East
the girl who leapt through time

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Well the creators of Avatar specified that it's an anime inspired show.
But really, in Japanese, anime refers to anything that is animated. But the word anime has become apart of a cultural phenomenon in other cultures and so has come to refer to a specific type of Japanese animation.

I know [about the two guy thing..] I've told people that.. they just shake their heads.. lol

haha, I used to hate anime too. That was a long, long time ago. When I first heard of anime I thought it was all like dragon ball Z and pokemon, things I did not find interesting at all. Luckily my brother was big into anime. I used to think it was a pain because I thought anime was boring, but then one night I tried to take over the tv while he was watching Inuyasha. I sat on the couch and tried to annoy him into giving me the remote, but instead I got interested in the show. I've watched lots of other anime since then and I love it!

cause yaoi is so..sexy..haha xd instead of one guy you get two xp<br />
and because romance between the same sex is fascinating..and complicated

ahaha.. I bet.. [me too] X)

nope it's completed. i didn't read Nana and i don't want too. not my type of read..lol<br />
recently all i read is yaoi xp

yes.. It was that long.. still ongoing?? don't know.. I love NANA as well...

I weren't one some time ago either xd i mean maybe 2 years ago? first i didn't like anime..then i watched something and liked it. so i started to like anime and understand it's fans. i didn't like manga at that time but then it was the same as with anime xd i liked it after reading and now i'm maniac..lol. it's hard to read all 20 volumes of that manga..

loveless: I know about the manga.. I've read the part where kyo and tohru are slowly becoming a couple.. ;D I am not a fan of mangas I don't know why..

You can watch anime online too,i just watched one so far and love it.<br />

but anime only covers a little of fruits basket..the manga is better. <br />
there are 20 toms..and anime has only 26 episodes..i've read it and watched it.<br />
reading it took me some time..hahaha. and there are more then 3 of them honey..<br />
there are all twelve animals of zodiac..or i should say..13 as Kyo is additional one..

Its about a homeless girl living with 3 juunishi boys.. they'll turn into juunishi (chinese zodiac) animals If they hugged the opposite sex that are non-juunishi members.. the story introduced all the juunishi members and their stories and that all of them are really innocent enough that made the story so great and sad... I teared up a little to even to the opening song.. Amost every character has a great story behind their optimistic lives.. and the girl just brings every one together.. It's definitely a must watch or collected.. hehehe

I think Avatar counts as anime I love that cartoon! I like Elfin lied it rocks! and I like gunslinger girl.<br />
What is fruit basket like?