Pain....the Bleeds My Heart.....



Manga Rights Fight!!! We're losing LOSING!!! If you go to, you'll see that it has already begun!!! This can't happen!!! I love manga!!! There are so many mangas to be read and discovered, and now they're being taken away before my very eyes?!!!





We have to do something...  
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Haha even though we're really not cause we have nowhere else to get it anyway. Still there is some hope that a paid service like crunchy roll for anime (which is quite good although missing a lot of content, its less than $10 a month and I feel like I am supporting the creators of the anime when I use it) will be available soon (openmanga). However you needn't be to worried if you really want to read a series just find out whos scanlating it and download it instead of using an online reader site. You can find out whos scanlating what manga at and you can use a program called comic rack (much better than windows picture viewer) to read them when you download a chapter.

I guess nothing we can do since mostly it may be the Japanese are thinking we are taking their business away.