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From teens on up.I finished Samurai Champloo a short while ago and was the first one i had seen,now im hooked.
frostbittensoul frostbittensoul 41-45, M 6 Responses Aug 27, 2010

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Going to watch that one next.

hey those anime are pretty cool cowboy bebop is one of my all time should maybe take a look at death note, gantz and everything ghost in the shell.

I forget what episode that is.Yeah,that was ok,the way it ended was good,funny too.You got to see it to the end! I do like the way it ended,a little sad but good.

Just go to that link i gave and you can watch it online as well as many others.

Oooh, I loved Samurai Champloo. Unfortunately I never finished watching the series. I got as far as the recap episode where the guys got a peak at Fu's diary. It was a very entertaining show though.

I think i could like all kinds.Im going to watch cowboy bebop next.

heh xd i don't know that one. i'm not fond of samurais..

i liked anime Special A. that's school comedy..with romance too and some fighting..

lol that is the funiest comedy ever..for me at least. and Junjou Romantica but that one is yaoi (men in love with men) has 2 season and is really so funny xp haha. i love it. maybe you should watch too xp