I'm Addicted To Anime

My first anime was.. hmm... i think... ghost fighter. I remember when I was still in high school, in our drafting subject, we were asked to draw anything we want.. So, i chose Eugene.. It was awesome! i can't believe I was able to draw something like that.. or maybe manga is easier to draw than human face :) i even got the highest grade in that project.. ^_^

Slam Dunk!! It was aired in local tv when I was in college.. we even skipped in the middle of our class just to watch it.. haha! Sakuragi is soooo funny! Even 'm not into basketball at that time, I love watching it.. Then, there was Flame of Recca, Inuyasha... and of course, the very inspiring.. Hunter x hunter :)

And now, the ones that 'm addicted with are Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and Detective Conan - i think it's the longest one.. I don't have a favorite one 'coz the leading characters has their own unique personality.. These anime is all about love, friendship, adventure and of course, skills.. :)

Watching anime makes me happy, weird but it inspires me... it calms me and make me forget my problems even in a short time.. :) it's like my passion.. hahaha!

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oopps! sorry guys.. it's called "Ghost Fighter" here.. Japanese title is "YuYu Hakusho"

gurren laggangurren laggangurren laggan<br />
I cant recommend that one enough

Nyeww....i've never seen ghost fighter.....my first anime was Naruto (=^o^=)

same ^-^ its strange but watch anime does makes u forget bout all ur problems... i nvr understood why tho lol c(= lol i was inspired to draw after watching anime ^_^ im... not good.. but still nvr hurts to try... i nvr saw ghost fighter but i gues i will since it inspire u to watch anime x)