Keichi Keisaku
Kazumi Niwa
Metsuo Sakiya
Miyu Yukikaze
It was just like any other days for Keichi Keisaku, an honor student of Fukugawa Academy. His family is weird and dysfunctional. It was just days before his 16th birthday. On his way home one day after school, the sky suddenly turned black and everyone froze and time stopped. He was the only one moving because of a visible light surrounding him. A vision came to him; he saw two winged creatures fighting. The two angels in his vision were Mia “The Light” and Ria “The Dark”. Ria defeated Mia and imprisoned her in a cursed mirror inside a mountain. Keichi heard a voice calling to him
“Help me…Wind Dragon…” it said to him.
He saw the white angel crying and asking him for help. Then the time started to move and the people around as well. Three persons from a nearby building were watching.
“Is he the last one?” said Kazumi, the water bearer.
“Looks stupid and boring to me” stated Metsuo, the flame bearer.
“You’re always arrogant and proud as usual” added Kazumi.
“Keep in mind that he’s the best and most powerful among the four of us” said Miyu, the earth bearer.
They saw how Keichi ran after he saw the vision. They had doubts how a coward like him be a Bearer of the Wind especially, Metsuo. At night, Keichi locked himself inside his room and looked at the photo of his late sister who’s the spitting image of the White Angel. Then his window shut open and there was silence for a moment. Metsuo suddenly punched him squarely at his stomach. He was unconscious. Metsuo brought him to the place where his comrades are. He woke up sitting on a chair.
“Do what you have to do, Miyu” said Metsuo.
Miyu came closer to Keichi and kissed him. He didn’t know that it was just to release his dormant powers. He was so surprised that he fainted again.
“This wimp is supposed to be our leader?” asked Metsuo sarcastically.
He woke up the next day on his bed at home. He laughed and thought it was a nightmare. He was walking to school that day and he saw Rin, his long time crush. The weird thing is she said she doesn’t know him. Then Miyu who was wearing the Academy’s school uniform, tapped him on the back and said
“Hello Kei- chan! Don’t worry about it she’ll remember you when we’ve summoned Her Highness Mia” she said smiling.
He asked why she knows his name and who she was. She introduces herself and explains to him what is really happening. Then Metsuo and Kazumi appeared wearing uniforms as well. At school, the four of them are in the same classroom. Metsuo saw Rin and tried his best to ask her out. He decided to set his eyes only on Rin and no one else. When the four bearers talked that night, Metsuo said that he’s not going to their meeting tomorrow.
“I’m taking Rin to a date tomorrow. In other words, I can’t go” he said.
“Take these things seriously Sakiya. We have to summon Mia as soon as possible. Without you we can’t do this” Kazumi stated.
He wouldn’t listen which annoyed Keichi. He threw a dagger at Metsuo nearly hitting him. Metsuo simply burned the dagger and looked at Keichi for a moment. He swiftly approached him holding a flaming knife.
“Who do you think you are? You’re just a newbie so don’t act as if you’re the leader. If you must know, I’m still better than you” he whispered to Keichi.
Keichi couldn’t do anything. He let him walk away. He was angry because Metsuo was just too straightforward about his feelings for Rin. This gave Keichi another reason to be a lot better than Metsuo. Everyday he’d be seen training. This made Miyu like him even more.
One day, he had another vision about Mia. This time it was short because Ria interfered.
“Ah…the Bearer of the Wind Dragon. I never imagined you to be so weak and vulnerable. You seem to be much stronger 3,000 years ago or is it Mia the one who’s weakening? Figures” she said to him.
Suddenly he returned to reality but in a different place. He wondered around and saw himself 10 years later with a woman whose face was not seen. He went to ask who she was. He stopped because he just went through her and that time he knew that he isn’t alive there only his embodiment self. His eyes opened to reality that he’ll never have Rin. He turned around and saw Miyu waiting for him. Suddenly, he woke up on a couch with Miyu and Kazumi looking at him. A voice said unto him in his mind
“Don’t let him go to the other side”
Days passed and he became as strong as can be. He was not the only one who was getting stronger but also Metsuo. Both have immeasurable powers now. Kazumi noticed that Metsuo seemed to be hiding something. She told Miyu about her suspicions as well but not Keichi. One night after their afternoon training, Miyu saw Metsuo near a tree and in pain. She went to check on him but she was surprised about the way his wings appeared and in color black and his eyes turned to crimson. She knew it was the sign of Ria’s follower. His white aura turned to black. He noticed that Miyu was watching, he put a hypnosis spell on her to not tell anyone about what she saw and forget. He flew away but his wings made a loud noise so the others went to find out what it was. He flew as fast as he can. Kazumi and Keichi arrived seeing Miyu on the ground unconscious. Keichi’s instincts told him to follow Metsuo. His pure white wings appeared and he went after Metsuo.
Rin who’s now the girlfriend of Metsuo saw him flying and saw his face. She followed him not knowing what’s happening. Another winged creature caught her attention. It made her wanting to find out more. They arrived at a nearby abandoned mansion. There a spell forte appeared which would allow them to fight without anyone mortal interfering. There they fought each other and suddenly the forte became black. Both stopped fighting because Ria appeared in front of them. Then she saw Rin and tried to kill her. Keichi was just too far to save her, only Metsuo was close enough to save her.
“Save her Metsuo!” commanded Keichi
“I can’t do that Keichi” said Metsuo
“That’s right. I’m the only one he needs to protect and save in times of trouble” added Ria
She aimed an arrow at Rin swiftly. Before it could hit her, Keichi ran to save her. Instead of her being injured it hit his back instead.
“Are you okay?” asked Keichi while blood flow down from his mouth.
Then Miyu and Kazumi arrived. Kazumi fought against Metsuo and Ria while Miyu came to aid Keichi. Rin asked a lot of questions about them and Miyu just nodded her head knowing that this is the person who Keichi loves. Due to the fight happening, Kazumi was caught of guard and was hit. Miyu was the only one standing; she made diversions such as giant plants to cover their escape. Metsuo stayed to have the ultimate power. They went to Miyu’s house with Rin. There, they waited for Keichi to wake up. He finally woke up at night time and thought it was Rin who took care of him but it was actually Miyu. He saw a blurred image of Rin but when he finally saw clearly it was Miyu smiling at him.
“You okay, Keichi?” asked Kazumi.
As they were talking, Rin entered the room with tears in her eyes.
“What happened to you my bearers?” asked her.
“Rin?” asked Keichi.
“I’m not Rin. I borrowed her body to tell you all that it will be too late if you won’t convince The Flame Bearer to come back. Ria’s powers are too powerful for me now. I need you to set me free and bring her back for us to become one. I’m in need of your help. Keichi, as the leader, I need you to be much stronger than ever before. I’ll give this Spinel, it will increase your powers as much as you need it too. I know this is what would Keiko do as well” Mia (who was in Rin’s body) said.
After they talked, Keichi went to train outside. Months passed and they still haven’t got the chance to see Metsuo. It was the last night of June and the moon was at its fullest. Suddenly Metsuo appeared and challenged Keichi. They both flew to the place where they fought last. The spell forte appeared that was cast by Keichi. As they were fighting, far away from them, at Miyu’s house, she felt a very disturbing urge to find Keichi. She looked for Kazumi and both also flew to the place were Metsuo and Keichi were. They just watched because of Keichi’s favor not to intrude his fight with Metsuo. The Spinel suddenly glowed and they were in a different place, the mountain where Mia was imprisoned. The fight stopped awhile and they looked around. Mia called out in Keichi’s conscience. Ria suddenly appeared and was angry about the fact that Mia brought the others there. She ordered Metsuo to kill the others and told him that he’ll have the ultimate power by then. Before he could do what Ria commanded, she felt an unbearable pain inside her body. She knelt to the ground and her powers weakened. Metsuo went to help her. She turned his help down telling him that he’s not good enough to be her follower and that he’s still weak. This annoyed Metsuo and he wanted to punch her. A huge mirror then emerged form the mountain. Inside it, an angel whose wings are pure white and was as beautiful as Aphrodite. Metsuo saw her and was ashamed of himself. Because of his guilt he broke down crying and had regrets. Keichi lend his hand to him and said
“Come, let’s free her together” he smiled.
He accepted his offer and helped them free Mia. Their powers came out of their bodies and the huge mirror then broke into shatters. Mia came out of it and thanked them. While they were celebrating, Ria was still alive and tried to kill Mia with her last strength. It was too late because Metsuo hit her with a flaming sword.
“Thank you. Now I’m free and I can bring Ria back to me. We’ll be one and united for the last time. After this you’ll have your old lives back, the life of a normal person. Before I get back your powers, I want to grant you any wish your hearts desire. But I can’t bring back those who already parted” she said gratefully.
Keichi always wanted to once again see her sister but he was satisfied just seeing Mia who exactly looked like Keiko. He then just wished to have peace in his family; Metsuo wished to be always the center of women’s attention; Kazumi wished to explore the world. They all had their wishes except Miyu. She said her wish to Mia secretly. Mia made a mysterious smile and wished her good luck. They said their goodbye to Mia and thanked her. As they were walking, Keichi asked Miyu what she wished for; she just smiled and not say a word. In her mind
“Hopefully, you might know how I feel about you. Thank you for your help, Mia”
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Feb 25, 2011