I Fell In Love With It At A Young Age.

I grew up playing video games and watching cartoons. I really enjoy meeting people who as adults admit to watching cartoons or anime. I don't like when some get the wrong idea that all anime is all about romance and bubbly cute chicks. Take Tsunade for instance she is the essance of most mens sex fantasies, and is a badass chick. She gets drunk and gambles. So tell me what's so bubbly cute about her. ( no boob jokes guys....lmao) Now let's take Berserk for instance. Nothing bubbly cute there. Although I think guts is a romantic type of guy, However I am not your average woman. How about the Blood movie? Yeah bloody guts a little different from the series. I watch a variety anyway I just wanted to prove a point. So tell me who else loves Anime. I sure as hell do.
Tara277 Tara277
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1 Response May 16, 2012

The essence of most men's sex fantasy is a retirement age drunken lady who gambles all her money away? Must have missed that memo!

I was saying that more for the way she looked than acted.