How It Started

ive always like pokemon ever since i can remember and it was the only anime i ever watched but one day i seen tokyo mew mew from looking up the pokemon mew it looked intresting so i watched the first episode it wad good but i told myself not to watch anymore incase i forgot about pokemon and left the franchise but after a couple of months it was bothering me so i watched more eventually going past 50 episodes till the verry end and left me wanting more so i looked for more anime such as kanon 2006 and clannad also angel beats ones from KEY where memorable i then got to watching yuri types such ad strawberry panic and kannazuki no miko and lots more its the only type of anime i watch now but in the end i still like pokemon and i thank myself for watching tokyo mew mew all those years ago :3 so feel free to talk about yuri anime with me i would love someone who watches it too just to have a chat with about faves and stuff
Mikuhatsune96 Mikuhatsune96
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012