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Help Me Develop An Anime

So the planet this anime will take place on has to be Earth because i know the most about this planet. I need ideas on high traffic cities, a dilemma/problem our characters can/will face, should 0% (Lady by the Sea style), 5% (Darker than Black style) or 50% (Naruto style) of characters have powers, if so what should some of them be. Calling creative otaku to do your duty as a fan. Thanks in advance (there are no dumb ideas)
MosBlccPhnix MosBlccPhnix 22-25, M 3 Responses Feb 1, 2013

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simple, following the great bio plague of 2500 humanity took to genetic experimentation ... those that survived the plague were artificially spliced with animal dna ,following further modification these traits could be passed down reproductively

now in the year 3000 a man wakes up to find one of the last complete human women on earth in world populated by animal human hybrids and his own quest to find a place in society whilst keeping his humanity

You rock :-)

think sci fi/philosophy/romance/future shock

like ghost in the shell meets gattaca

You don't need our help it must come from you alone, that's what makes it origional and even better to watch... But a huge building must fall down and damage the city at some point

I know that, but its fun to brainstorm with others

You know what...**** you guys, if you are at a con and your with your girl, im taking her from you...and I can do that because I'm there