Sesshomaru Ahhhhh(..Faints)

i can't stress this enough lol I love anime and everything about it. Buuuuut, when it comes to my favorite thing about has to be sessy lol #1 character. He's so..soo.soooo damn mysterious and ...dammit. Well I've been watching Inuyasha since I was 9 and that GUY has been my husband in mehhh dreams. hahaha anime, the style of it is something I love drawing the most. I'm an artist, from streetart to cartoonies, love all styles. Yet ANIME is the best (in my opinion lol)
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Sesshomaru is sooo perfect. Kinda makes me jealous he's too pretty.
I love him though

Sesshomaru is the bestest character ever made, hes so hot ^w^

(drooling) ahhh I know right. (@o@ )

he is true eyecandy Q.Q

aaaaaaaaah (T-T ) so angelic...makes me cry....I just want to attack him

im kinda jealous.. Rin gets to travel with Sesshomaru :'(

hahaha we all know once she hits a certain age she'll want HIM D;

oh noooo! D:!

(sobbing) oh whyyy D; well, at least we have our own little fantasies here and there hahaha

yeah whyy? this is so cruel D;! hehee yep we still have those xD

(virtual high five) we shall get through this bud lmfao

(high five) we will get through this!

....but we won't stop stalking him. (.___. )'


lmfao we're awkward fans

hahah ;3 kinda awkward but hes so dreamy ^w^

well said. lol and the cosplay of him is (gasp) so gummy and adorable (*[]* )

*nosebleeed* (@0@)

here (tissues) we both need to get our hormones back in place, since my ovaries just exploded thinking about him hahahahaha xD dammit

thank you ;D i agree, hahaha xD

hahah well it was AWESOME talking to you. Don't get the chance to talk about sesshomaru as much as I'd want lol or anime at all

IT WAS EPIC TALKING TO YOU! ive never talked to anyone that loves Sesshomaru before ^w^

lol well I'm here whenever you wanna chat about stuff (^-^ ) we shall be sessy fangirls TOGETHER D;

yesh!! TOGETHER!! ^o^!!

HAA-ZAAh new friendship xD

wohooo!! XD!!

lol well sadly I have to go now. Hope to talk to you later on C:

i need to go too, see ya later ^w^

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