It's me, I love anime. And manga! I want to be a voice actor! How cool would that be??? Lawl. I recently got a manga called In Love Like a Comic! It is AWESOME! I luff it so much, even if it IS only 2 volumes long. Lawl. And I got 6-9 of Lovely Complex. I luff it....I want to see a couple of new Animes...lawl. It's weird, I went to Kumoricon in August, and, since Naruto has gone mainstream, I have never, NEVER seen so many Akatsuki in one place before. Same with L from DeathNote. Wow. Lawl I went as Ino! Ino=awesomeness! Lawl

*contented sigh* Yeah...

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I liked the voice of Vegeta in Dragon BallZ :)<br />
Gohan was also nice..