Okay for me it all started when I was about 7 speed racer was on cartoon network from time to time, and I would catch it when it was on. it wasn't until 7 years later when found that show was from japan. So speed racer was the first anime i saw! from there on after I got into Pokemon (I remember seeing a few episodes before it got huge!!!!) Then Dragon Ball Z! I ******* love DBZ!!! in high school i got into the more mature anime like Cowboy Bebop, Lupin, Yu Yu Hakusho and they where cool too. I still watch anime in my free time. but most of it's crap!!! the shows I like the best are the ones with the nostalgia to them pokemon, speed racer, even yugioh is alright(the monster are cool)


Top 5 anime 5. YYH 4. Pokemon (first 100 eps) 3.  Speed Racer 2. Cowboy Bebop 1. DBZ

I know you probably hate my list. Oh well!!

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the only thing that kinda bugged about DBZ is when they conveniently got strong enough just in time to confront their next enemy. Like if you would pair up Buu and Raditz in a fight we all know who would win. and it's not raditz fault if he appeared latter in the series he would've been the strongest! XD but then again its sort of like an RPG. the first boss is a wimp compared to the final.

>< I didn't say I didn't like it!<br />
I would just not go out of my way to watch it.