Watching Outlaw Star until I pass out :)
Janasai Janasai
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whats that about?

Gene Starwind and his partner Jim Hawking run a small business on the backwater planet of Centinel 3. But all that changes the day that Hilda hires them for a bodyguard job. Now, thrust into a mystery they don't fully understand, they're on the run from the cops, the pirates, an angry alien, and a mysterious assassin. But they've got one thing going in their favor - they have the galaxy's most advanced ship, the Outlaw Star. There's more I'm sorry but I'm really lazy

did you just copy and paste? lol

I'm really sorry but like I said I'm just watching until I fall asleep but there is much more to the anime, if you like Cowboy Bebop and Trigun then you'll enjoy this anime

Oh thankyou:)

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