Going on a crunchyroll binge today it's a lazy Sunday. I'm not new to anime but kinda. I've watched blue exorcist, inuyasha, attack on Titan, black butler, shugo chara, fairy tail, wolf children and all studio ghibli and lots of others. Anyone have any anime suggestions? I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Sword Art Online!!

I've been hearing a lot about that one 😄

Black lagoon, code geass....damn, to much **** in my head right now lol, I gotta think and get back to you, but check these out in the mean time, real good! Google them! 👍👌🙌

😄will do

Lol, you won't be disappointed 👌

I remembered others if you need more, just go to animebb.com; they got some good ones under the popular section, all English dubbed


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I loved Angel Beats and Little Busters. Little Busters starts off slow, but if you make it to LB:Refrain, it is so worth it. I've heard Clannad, by the same company, is also good.

Clannad was awesome 👍

Hunters x Hunters and Reborn. Some of the best anime I've ever seen.

Awesome I'm going to check that out tonight

Mkay hope you have fun

If you like manga they also have www. Kissmanga. Com

Awesome thanks for sharing that with me. I actually got an account for crunchyroll and I can't find blood-c on it and I love manga also so super thanks for letting me know about the sites

Not a problem i messaged you btw

Oh ok I didn't see it let me check

Sent 14 anime i loved 😋

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Crunchy roll sucks and is packed with ads and requires an account check out www. Kissanime. Com its free no account needed no adds is updated weekly its free and has thousands of anime to choose from