if you don't know the difference between anime and a cartoon, i think you're very uneducated
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Yeah. You're right.
Anime aren't cartoon :3

I hate when older people say "arnt you a little old to be watching cartoons?" UGH!!!

I really want to just but on a show like elfin lied and be like "does this look childish Biatch?!"

Agreed. its my to go anime to show people when they want something really kick *** and out of there.


Whats the difference? Would you mind educating me?

I see. I'm still having trouble understanding the difference. When I was a kid I watched Looney Tunes, Spiderman, Batman, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball. They all had a plot and story and seemed to be targeted at a teenage audience with the exception of Looney Tunes. To which American Cartoons are you referring to that lacked plot and story? Also, what about adult-oriented American animation such as Family Guy and South Park? Are they not considered cartoons? They contain story, plot, vulgarity, political references, social themes, etc, that a child would not completely comprehend. The only difference you mentioned that is clear to me is the fact that one is made in America and the other in Japan. You say anime is better. Why?

Cant you just tell? I guess I just have a built in anime sensor or something...

You also have to take into consideration the animation style. Anyone can make family guy or Simpsons animation. But Anime is an art, And it takes something special to really bring characters to life with animation, and to really simulate the beauty of a world. I mean look at the world of an anime, just breath taking, lots of times. Now look at family guy, Cleveland show, etc. Its just... not the same.

Yes I understand that, but regardless of what type of animation is used, it is still nevertheless animation. I wont deny that a lot of anime is beautiful, but there are also anime with questionable art styles such as Shin-Chan. Family Guy and South Park use animation that is suitable to them so do anime such as the new Sailor Moon. It is appropriate to the material. Im not arguing that there are differences, there are. My point was that a person who is not a fan of animated pictures will probably not infer what the difference is between the two. Its not a general subject to be educated on. The original post made it seem like one should know the difference like

Yeah what the F ravenrena

I'm pretty sure it was directed to people who know the difference

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don't be so uptight

that was my point

owh kinda scared me there for a sec

Have you watched code geass or sword art online. Each are good animes. RWBY isn't as good but shows a lot of promise

Ok. I respect your opinion. After SAO. Gets lovey it's improves a lot

I also do not like mecha but I admit that some animes such as Gundam seed and others (Gundam seed is the only one that came to my mind ;P), they are awesome even though the mecha part. However, I did not watch any anime like this anymore.