I started off watching Soul Eater and then I've watched so many more after that
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Watch Baccano!, which has 1920s American flair in it mixed with some supernatural aspects. And Durarara which is center around the color gangs in a town in Japan and also has elements of the supernatural


In my top 5. The only thing I disliked was soul eaters ending episode... Just no....😒

I was so mad no one saw Maka being all awesome

Soul Eater was funny. ESCALIBUR!


You must follow my rules!

He was funny.

Try to watch ANOTHER if you like horror animes or ACE OF DIAMOND if you like baseball

Watch Angel Beats

Done it and I didnt cry at the end


Which ones have you seen so far?

Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Darker than Black, Black Butler, Baka and Test, and a lot more

Ya but that was a while back

I so need to

Thats what happened to me but soul eater is still my favorite haha

I dont know my favorite