Watching Golden Boy lmao I really forgot how funny this anime is.
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I suggest ((elfen lied, mirai nikki, deadman wonderland, black butler, corpse party, shiki, highschool of the dead, another, btoom, and attack on titan!!))

I've actually seen all of them lol deadman wonderland, another, and Shiki are my favs at the moment also Yamishibai is pretty good :D

It was only 6 episodes though.

Yea sucks

Wow haven't heard of that one in a while :D
That just made me want to rewatch it! It really is a great Anime. Thx for reminding me of this. Now I'm gonna have to put HunterxHunter on hold for a while ;)

I know right, I just finished rewatching it. It sucks there's only 6 eps I would have been satisfied with 12-13 atleast :3

Yeah, like most really good Anime, it's much too short. *sigh