Would just like to state the fact I fricking love anime so much it's unreal I've watched Maid Sama, Sword art Online, Naruto, Soul eater, Ouran High school Host Club, Black cat, Inuyasha, YuYushiki, and so many more gosh but my favourites out of the ones I have chided above is Sword Art Online and naruto I fricking love them and I am obsessed with Kirito (kirigaya Kazuto) and Yui <3 love them but I also like the tailed beasts off naruto :) my personal faves are the two tailed beast (sorry forgotten name) and kurama the non tailed beast x
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You dont watch One Piece?

I haven't watched one piece

But it is on my list of anime to watch :)

You should, Its got amazing plot.

What is it about I don't actually know :)

Its about a 17 year old boy who sets out his journey to become "Pirate King",
One piece's got action, plot, comedy....the thing that amazes me about one piece is its Plot, its never ending and logical..

It sounds quite interesting I think I might make it the next anime I watch.

^_^...you're gonna live it..

I hope so

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I love anime and manga. Lately I'm a bit bored so if you feel like it we could talk. I really like Kirito's seiyuu. ;3

Looking forward to it

Hi, I love anime also, have you watched No game No life or sakurasou? both main characters were the voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (kirito's voice actor)

No I haven't but I shall add to my list of must watch

Nice, can you recommend any anime with epic fight scenes? :)

I honestly can't think from the top of my head but I will find out and let you know :)

Thanks :)

Bleach, Naruto, One piece, Hunter X Hunter there's a few great fight scenes in them

I've already finished bleach, the rest am currently following. Thanks anyway for the suggestions :)

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oooo.... black cat and YuYushiki aren't ones you see a often :3 neato

I know but they are quite good