I've been watching glasslip for the past few days. it's by PA works. romance, slice of life anime. it's very similar to a lull in the sea. I like it so far.
why I there still hype on Sao? it was good when the first season started, you know, before Kirito got a love interested and spent the rest of the game playing for her. gamers don't get girlfriends XD (that's a joke btw) I would have rather seen him rather see him with the girl, I forget her name, but she died when him and his team mates got trapped in one of the dungeons. shy, had short hair think. you'll know who I'm talking about if you watched it. I tried to watch the second season but I didn't get past the first episode.
hunterxhunter is gonna end soon, so sad! I'm gonna miss hisoka and he's pervyness. and killua with his awesomeness. I put hunterxhunter on a tower, it is Soooooo much better then naruto, even one piece. better then alot of fighting type anime. very good I always recommend it to people who haven't watched it.
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Omg those all are epic animes i love them so much