I really can't decide on which anime I like best! There's Naruto, Death Note, Peacemaker, Samurai Champloo, Paranoia Agent, Pokemon (lol), Neon Genisis Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist, and a few more that I probably can't think of. Basically most of the nation-wide popular ones. I try to span out and watch and read those I don't know of, but it's so hard to stick with one and watch it before going to the next one! There's also the awsome Yaoi animes/magas that I adore! We won't get into that right now though. ^__^
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Pokemon, forever and always in my heart. Those were some good times :)

I rather enjoy mecha animes, plus some of the darker one as well. Berserk is down right evil in some cases and gory as hell in the manga series.

Hetalia and Black Butler!!!!! My two favorite besides all the ones you listed.

D; why is it in all of these posts i dont see ONE PIECE :D my fav anime of all time :P although some of the others are good too...<br />
have you ever tried watching Fairy tail?

Full metal alchemist! My friend said that that one was really good! One of the openings... I can remember which one... It's called :Again by YUI :)

I know 100% how u feel.Lol my fav anime is inuyasha i dont know why.I think i might hav a cat/dog ears fetish hes so hot lol:)