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I really can't decide on which anime I like best! There's Naruto, Death Note, Peacemaker, Samurai Champloo, Paranoia Agent, Pokemon (lol), Neon Genisis Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist, and a few more that I probably can't think of. Basically most of the nation-wide popular ones. I try to span out and watch and read those I don't know of, but it's so hard to stick with one and watch it before going to the next one! There's also the awsome Yaoi animes/magas that I adore! We won't get into that right now though. ^__^
TheDNAngel TheDNAngel 16-17, F 7 Responses Aug 18, 2007

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id also recommend you watch code geass and also if u liked samurai champoo u will like cowboy bebop by the same anime director

Pokemon, forever and always in my heart. Those were some good times :)

I rather enjoy mecha animes, plus some of the darker one as well. Berserk is down right evil in some cases and gory as hell in the manga series.

i like deathnote although i find the ending disappointing id have to go with samurai champloo from ur list if only because of ba<x>seball blues ep 23 ie ninja ba<x>seball lol

Hetalia and Black Butler!!!!! My two favorite besides all the ones you listed.

D; why is it in all of these posts i dont see ONE PIECE :D my fav anime of all time :P although some of the others are good too...<br />
have you ever tried watching Fairy tail?

Full metal alchemist! My friend said that that one was really good! One of the openings... I can remember which one... It's called :Again by YUI :)

I know 100% how u feel.Lol my fav anime is inuyasha i dont know why.I think i might hav a cat/dog ears fetish hes so hot lol:)