Anime-Not Just For Children

Now I will admit I didn't get into anime until I was 16 years old. Most avid anime fans have been loving anime before they even knew they were watching it, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon, etc. I never watched any of those as a little girl. I was more into Xena warrior princess, Hercules, shows with real people (with the exception of old nickelodeon) and books. I didn't even get a game console until I was 9 years old and it was a nintendo 64. To this day that is still my favorite system haha.


Well my good friend Jenn has been watching anime for years and she told me to watch some and see if i'd like. She recommended Inuyasha and at first I was a bit skeptical, the name was just strange and when she described the plot my head was spinning in circles. How in the world was I going to remember names like Sesshomaru, Miroku, Naruku? How in the worl was I going to remember and understand that even Kirara's name was spelled with R's it was actually pronounced like "kee-la-la". Nevertheless I watched and was hooked. The characters were just so remarkably real, you felt like you connected with them on a deep level. After I started watching Inuyasha my now fiance' got me into Naruto. Now many people like to say that Naruto is just a childrens anime but I beg to differ.

The raw determination of Naruto to become Hokage just so that for once in his life he could be accepted by his fellow villagers. The fact thaat in many episodes there is bloodshed, war, good VS Evil. If one actually took the time to watch it instead of just balking at it for looking and sounding like some childrens cartoon you would see the hidden meanings inside.

After Naruto I started looking for more anime. I was flabbergasted that there were so many types, shonen ai, shoujo ai, harem, horror, ecchi, comedy, Romance, Supernatural.

At first it was difficult to choose a favorite and i've just been loving anime ever since. At first I only watched animes that were dubbed in English but then I started lookin for those that are only subbed when I couldn't find any dubbed ones that interested me. It was difficult at first to get used to, but now 2 of my faovrtie animes, Rosario+Vampire, and Vampire Knight, are only available in Japanese except for the english Mangas.

Most of my favorite animes however aren't for children. Whenever I hear someone say "anime is just for children" I would love to see a child watch Higurashi no naku koro ni, an anime filled with bloodshed almost non-stop and is a total mind freak. Children thaat die horrible deaths but then are somehow brought back in a different story arc, sometimes still retaining memories of their bloody deaths. If an 8 year old girl purposely stabbing herself in the head with a knife in order to end the story arc and start a new one is for children, well i'd like to know what world you are living in.

Or the Anime Roario+Vampire which happens to be one of my favorties but has a lot of fan service (panty shots, girls in very short skirts with panties constantly showing, jiggly breasts) If that's an anime for children again, i'd like to know what world you are living in.

Oh the list could go on with anime's that aren't very children oriented. The problem is when most people think of anime they think of mainstream things like Pokemon (which I happen to love thank you very much and always will) and Bakugan. If they just got over the hard to pronounce names, (you get used to it and learn them in time), and got over the fact that they have larger eyes, (it's because the wide eyes symbolize innocence and they also give the charcater a more emotional look as opposed to small eyes), if they just gave it a chance i'm sure there could be at least 1 or 2 anime's that they would genuinely enjoy.

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Ahh, I've had many arguments with my partner over the whole, "Anime is for kids" thing. He's totally into his WW2, tanks, war planes, science, history all that guff. And trying to explain to him that it's not just for kids, Vampire Knight being my fav at the moment, is like talking to a brick wall. haha. Some of the series I watch is too graphical for kids. And yeah, when I say anime they immediatly think Pokemon, DBZ or Sailor Moon..(I love them all btw), but it's much more then that.