ANIME Rulez!!!

I love any type of anime whether yaoi or het
Eamane Eamane
18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 26, 2007

Yaoi and shonen ais are cute I love cute funny and romantic like oran highschool host club, vampire knight, and fruits basket

I like Harems ^^

I do too when it\'s not over the top but now I think Harems are over rated and giving Anime a bad reputation. People already think Anime is weird, but when they see the Harem stuff, it just makes them think it\'s even weirder.

u can guess by my pic that i love anime lol

I grew up watching tonnes of Anime. "Ghost in the Shell" is one of my recent favourites.

I know yaoi is really cool and hot but what about hentai its good 2