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i got into anime through sailor moon without realizing it. when i was a kid it was just a really good cartoon to watch. then when i saw the real unedited versions later on in life, i was hooked. i love ghost in the shell, full metal alchemist, naruto (i just caught a few episodes), and blood. i pretty much like all anime. the characters are very in touch with their spirits and the metaphysical world, unlike american cartoons. i saw an episode of blood this past weekend that had me hooked. im so glad i can find the episodes on youtube.  
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4 Responses Sep 13, 2007

I love sailor moon.


Try Hulu desktop app. I think it's more reliable for watching a full anime series than youtube.

I think anime is great! As an aspiring writer I love the story lines. It helps my creative imagination. I know many people think it's childish. Just the other day my brother was told me "Why do you watch that?" But some anime is better then some of the crap currently coming out in theaters. I would be thrilled to see my current story be turned into an anime. Ah well wishful thinking....

"Ghost in the Shell"... Loved it! One of the best Anime shows I have ever watched. I grew up watching a lot of it. (But back then, I didn't know that they were a part of something much 'bigger' than mere cartoons.)

I love Ghost in the Shell! I'll have to find some clips on youtube and check out SailorMoon.I liked Patlabor, too.