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Have you all ever noticed that this anime deal is totally off the way. These anime cartoon characters are supposed to be japanese or something right. Why the hell are their eyes as big as day when japanese are known for their trademark slim eyes? Why do they have long legs and short torso's when real Japanese people are notorious for have short legs and long torso's? Why do the characters have all this freaky hair when actually japanese people have straight black hair? I mean do you see a lot of japanese people with natural blonde and red hair? Also why do these cartoons have huge butts that stick out and big breaks when the Japanese are known for NOT have big butts and breasts? Their idea od big breasts are a C cup. And they have no ***** AT ALL!! So (if these are Japanese characters) WHY DON'T THEY LOOK JAPANESE??!!!!
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Lol, you though anime was supposed to be realistic. Have you seen or even heard of DBZ? Naruto? One Piece? Bleach? Shouldn't Pokemon have tipped you off that anime isn't normal?

good point choaticL.... Most likely they are trying to make anime appeal to everyone... not just themselves... plus most anime start out as manga..they usually go off how the creator draw the character in the books....look at Rosario + vampire she got pink hair and so does Natsu from fairy tail.. even seako from high school of the dead has purple hair...but i don't any culture with pink and purple hair...this is a business after all. ..

.. for the same reason american cartoons portray talking square sea sponges, baby's with football shaped heads, or tiny midget children who curse.

You're silly. Cartoons aren't supposed to be realistic all the time. Anime is the epitome of this sentiment. And most of your other complaints can be justified by cultural differences. You silly, silly rabbit.<br />
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i dont care.<br />
i like it. :D

actually, i had a conversation with my friend once. she's asian. i told her i loved her hair and she said she hated it and she wished she had mine. i asked her why, and she gave me an answer that astounded me, but made complete sense. she told me that she hates it because she looks like everyone else, meaning she looks like all other asians: black hair, slanted, brown eyes, and tan-ish skin. i'm not speaking for all asians here, but i'm saying that she didn't like looking like everyone else and wished that she looked different. i think that might have a connection to why anime characters look the way they do. because if they were not fantasy characters, they would all be the same face with different personalities, and that's what they try to avoid in the anime world.<br />
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i hope no one on here gets offended by me saying this, because i don't mean to judge or hurt anyone's feelings. i just thought this might explain things.<br />
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Really simple, actually. Japanese are full of tradition. When the first Japanese anime were starting to come out, they were imitating western art. The big saucer eyes were considered a trademark of good animation. A lot of the other features as well. Fast forward to today, and those not following that tradition are considered disrespectful. It still happens occasionally, but not much. Most of the archetypical stereotypes fall into this distinction. <br />
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What's amazing for me is that with the eye and hair limitations they still manage to make most of the characters distinguishable from series to series, although I guess Clamp has begun recycling character images in XXXholic and Tsubasa Chronicles. Likewise, have noticed that both of the main characters in Lovely Complex have shown up in Ghost Hound, albeit different hair color and one of them is shorter.

You're not going to compair the two are you? I mean at least there ARE westerners who are naturally blonde, tanned, and skinny. When you show me an asian with natually green and purple hair, then I'll actually take your words seriously. Evn though westerners do use that style alot, it is always accompanied by other varieties of people as well who are practicale and who actually exsist. The American asian. The fat kid. The short kid. The under developed kid. The black kid. At least the characters are realistic. So your explaination makes no sense.

Japanese anime is very much about novelty and fantasy. That is why they portray characters with coloured hair, large eyes and long legs. It is everything they are not. And that is the same reason the Japanese whisper "gaijin!" and stare and point at foreigners walking down the street in Japan. It's quite an experience, one which adds to the beauty, uniqueness and quirkiness of the Japanese culture.

just guessing but for westerners or Asian people the difference isnt so great. The look of anime borrows a lot from western animation, the long legs, large eyes etc but keeps the small fr<x>ame and delicate features. So what you end up with is a look that could be either western or Japanese. Its sort of a mesh between the two. <br />
Physically, african americans are a huge contrast and honestly...poofy hair and big lips is a trademark feature. The same way that Japanese people generally have black hair, narrow eyes and delicate features and westerners have long limbs, a long thin nose and pale skin. None of the generic physical features of each race have changed, its just that the japanese art style has been influenced by westerners and the western style of animation. <br />
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So basically, all the generic racial features of each race are the same its just that in anime, a sort of hybrid japanese-american looking character has become popular and representative of the modern japanese culture.<br />
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this is mostly my own theory iv never really read up much about it.

Oh that's funny. So how come they draw the black people all the same? With big lips and poofy hair? The REAL black people. Not the tanned asians with purple hair. Hmm? Or how about giving americans the plane look even though they know good and well that we have more personality and diversity, physically, than them?

I'ts all about creativity and dramatisation. Large eyes show more ex<x>pression and long limbs are easier to animate plus, look more dynamic and interesting in motion. Different colour hair displays different personality traits and makes the character more recognisable. <br />
Just remember thats it's a form of art not a photo of your neighborhood. Therefore realism is secondary to visual appeal and impact.

Maybe you should ask our lord and savior google, it has all the answers you seek. Blessed be the lord.