Anime L O V E ♥

Growing up I Watched Sailor Moon. Wow, Did i Live That Show. It was always a series from the time i was about 5-10 Either new episodes or re runs. i always watched it. although it barely came on. i would stay propped up at the television wondering if it would come on. my parents bought me "Sailor Moon; Promise of the Rose" When i was a young girl. i would watch it Night after night after night. i loved it. i also owned the pokemon movie, with Mew and mew too, i forgot the name of it. i wish i still had it though. i love love love anime. it is amazing. although i just used to call it "Japanese cartoons" i have a wide variety of anime that i adore.


sailor moon


vampire knight

inuyasha (occasionally)

Bleach (occasionally)

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Feb 11, 2010