How I Was Inducted Into My Anime Addiction

It started years and years ago really for me. Well before the "Anime Network" (which my cable network does not get). It started when I was a late teen and going through a bout of insomnia and I was flicking through the movie channels when low and behold I came across a viewing of this "tv short" on some obsure topic on something like The Movie Channel Late Night or something or other (could have been Cinemax for all I know). But I locked in and became mesmerized looked for more to realize they only played it on Friday Nights at the wee hours of the day. I went digging and hunting in movie stores and most had nothing. Then I found this small little asian store that had movies and I was hooked. Which really worked for me because I prefer the foreign ones with subtitles rather then dubbed. I have been a junkie since I had even found a guy that was selling over seas (not bootleg) copies of things which you cannot really find here in the States and have amassed a huge collection of series'.

I thought it was awesome when Cartoon Network began showing things until it all became so commercialized.  Then they started tossing things like Futurama and Family Guy (I love those too but do not consider them "anime") and showing less and less anime shows. What they consider "anime" does not always fit the category I feel it is.

PaganSilverDrgn PaganSilverDrgn
41-45, F
Mar 12, 2010