Loosing My Love Of Anime... Please Help

nice to hear there are fellow otakus around here. I've been in love with anime and mangas for some time as well. i think it started when my littler brother and sister were watch Avatar (the cartoon) back when it was kind of watchable and I started jokingly dissing all cartoons and said Warner Bros made the best ones back in the day. My brother then told me they're differnt kinds of cartoons and stuff so i couldn't just judge them on the same footing. when he told me Pokamon and Digimon were animes i just laughed because i'd heard of anime before but i didn't think things that childish could be it. (Love Pokamon by the way) After that we went online and googled anime and tones of stuff came up can't remember what site i picked but the first thing i drew my mouse cursor to was i picture of Ryuk off of Death Note.

When i saw the title of the anime i kinda thought typical me. I was going through an i-hate-myself-and-i-want-to-die phase, so it was kind of appropriate i'd pick that one. I read a bit of the plot (hate reading plots it just spoils it all) and when names like L and Light came up i started getting skeptickal. I thought i'd might as well take the plunge and dive right into it. After the first episode... my love of Shingami and Shinto mythology became inbedded. To this day DN is one of my all time greats and I still look about for anime with shinigami mentioned them (granted they're not all good, but i can appriciate the imperfections).

Studio Ghibli is just awe-inspiring. Eiichiro Oda is the mangaka King. and even cheesy girly ones have a special place in my heart, like Bisco Hatori's Ouran High School Host Club.

However recently it seems i just can't seem to find anything that i'd say yh 've watch and want to really watch again. brother got me on Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Absolutely fantastic. love the voice actors of Lambo and Reborn) but afteri'd caught on to the most current episode at the time i couldn't wait any longer and got started on the manga. i caught up to the most current volume and after that my entuthiasim for it just dwindled. I haven't read it since. and even the 3 major players the big three as my brother likes to call 'em: Naruto, Bleach and One Piece are starting to head down that route.

I've never read the Naruto manga but i did like the anime well at least the old Naruto before it became Naruto Shippuden. NS is alright but it seems to have lost some off the spark that you got off Naruto. Been a huge fan of Bleach since day 1. I even accepted the fillers because it kinda flowed with the storylines. Now they're not even trying. They're making some god-awaful storyline and sticking it slap bang in the middle of a major arch. that is just so freaking insulting, they might as well say 'hey veiwers we know this has nothing to do with the script but we need u lot to go out and buy the manga to keep the sales afloat. so we're lumping u with this sorry excuse of an episode until u empty your wallets.' ARARRARRRGGGHHH i used to defend Tite Kubo tooth and nail against my brother who said One Piece was the superior manga. Frankly... have to agree with him on tht now.

One Piece is a different story. I'm not falling out of love with it per say. I'm just too over whelmed with all the storylines and suprises tht Oda keeps throwing at us, suggesting or being implied in one way or another. I've stopped watching the anime compeltely because there is just too much going on in the manga and i feel the action in the anime will side track me. sorry but my brain takes in information a lot slower than most people and now that Oda's strayed off the linear narrative that I've grown accustomed to its kind of an over load of information. For instance now that Kuma has blown the Strawhats into all 4 corners of the earth i know the producers and directors will use that as an excuse for making longer fillers than they usually do. I don't mind since it keeps within the parametres of the orginal storyline but i suppose i have this innate distain for fillers after watching how the likes of Bleach have bauched the whole experience for commerical purposes.

Well i guess that's my rant done with. but if any1 has gone through a similar phase (and i sure do hope its a phase because i want to continue to love anime) just PM me (not sure wat PM is bt every says that here) in any case email me to let know hw to get out of it. i so want to love watching and reading anime and mangas all over again.

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