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Sissy Ankle Bracelet And Neckless.

While my wife and i were on vacation in Amsterdam she found a shop where they made custom made jewelry of all types. She told me to stay outside and went in and put in her order. She said that it would be ready after 3 P.M. the next day and would"nt tell me what she bought. The next day we went back to pick up what she purchased. She went up to the counter while i was looking around the shop.Then i heard the lady at the counter call my name Linda Linda come here dear. I went over and she told me to close my eyes and she first put a necklace on me, told me don:t open now and i felt something at my ankle and than was told to open and take a look. My wonderful wife got me a matching necklace and anklet that had the word sissy spelled out. I thanked her for the gifts and told her that i really liked and appreciated her for buying them for me. They were both made in Silver and i still wear them now.
lindabo99 lindabo99 56-60, T 1 Response Oct 2, 2012

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That is one stupid story, Geez! You should have got you wife & took her back to the hotel and banged her real good for 2 hours. Whats up with the sissy thing? I would not wear that ****. Hey...good luck

She got me these gifts because i am a very feminine sissy husband. She helped me become the sissy that i am today, and i am very grateful to her for this.

Well.....ok! If thats what you like? Is she alright with that?

It all started by me telling her how good her legs felt in stockings, and she asked if i would like to try a pair on and i told her yes That weekend she shaved my legs and put me into a pair of stockings,garter belt, crotchless panty and a lace bra, and a spray of perfume. After that i wanted more feminine things and she helped me along and even pushed me to come out as a sissy to all of my family and friends. She has always been a very strong women and i have always very shy. She likes the control that she has over me in all parts of my life. I now live as a full time feminine sissy husband that i enjoy very much. That is why the story that i wrote has meaning to me and i just wanted to share.


Thank you for sharing this with us.

Whilst there are many of us special girls on this site, there are also many other types of folk who just cannot get their head around why we enjoy being the way that we are and what a blessing it can be to be trans.

I myself am trans and love to wear all thing s femme. That includes the finishing touches and for me a feminine ankle chain is one of those feminine finishing touches. I just love the way that one just finishes of a skirt outfit with that extra bit of class. I also love the slave type anklets with small bells which I find to be really sexy and erotic.

Take good care

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