Wear It Proudly

I wear an anklet all the time-only removing it to clean it.  It is sterling silver and has a single charm. The charm is in the shape of a Master lock.  My anklet represents who I am as a person and I wear it proudly.

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I think anklets are very hot. I got one for my wife. She wears it only during sex and in places like Vegas. It is the sign of a howife and she is hit on continually if she puts it on. She likes the attention in Vegas but not small town USA. In Vegas she can **** one if she wants but not in small town USA.

I wear skirts and heels almost every day of my life so I can understand that. I am also obsessed with my fingernails and toenails looking feminine at all times.

The silver is lighter on my ankle. I am so used to it that I don't feel it anymore. When I wear the gold it feels heavier and I am constantly worried I am going to lose it.

I like anklets and I love sterling silver!

They do make the curves of calves look more defined. I think they are very sexy and I hope that I never get weird looking legs so I can't wear them anymore.

Sounds so sexy I love the thought.......

I don't remember if I liked it or not because it has been so long since anyone wanted to do that with my feet. Now I love my feet being rubbed and I love giving massages.

The idea was revolting at first but every part of your body needs attention so tell them how much you like it.

My anklet moves up and down as I move my legs. It isn't tight around my ankles. It has been a long time since my toes were sucked.

When they suck on your toes does the anklet fall up?

I am attached to my anklet. I have others but this is the one I wear all the time. I read somewhere that it depends on which leg you are wearing it on whether you are available to not and I never realized that. I have matching ankle cuffs that I wear sometimes so I guess that would confuse the men I am dancing with all night.

I pick the locks.

I think anklets are soo feminine! I used to wear them alot. Master lock, you say? Are you the Lock, or the lock picker?? :O

I think it is who I am most of the time. When I doubt my decisions I look at it and I am reminded.

that is great that you can have that, i never have thought of ob<x>jects like that, but it is pretty cool, thank you for sharing, i love your idea of a ob<x>ject being who your are, makes me wonder what i am.