Very Sad Story...

I had read the book at least four times since I was a kid, just recently in Spanish. The message is not lost in translation. It is still sad and I feel always wondering what went through her mind the days after the last entry was written.

I had the chance to visit the Anne Frank house-museum and I felt into tears after really seeing the place that inspired her to write. It really is a larger house and the annex is larger than I had imagined. However, for all the time they spent there and with so many people, I cannot imagine how they didnt discover them before. I can't imagine how difficult must be to live with your parents, sister and other people that you barely knew until then.

Funny note if you ever read the book and have the chance to visit the annex. Be careful when you go after the entrance behind the bookcase. I had a bruise/bump for three days on my head. I should have really paid more attention to what anne said about everyone hitting their head there :)

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4 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I'd love to visit the annex too.

no i didnt but I would look into it next time I visit around there.

Did you visit the museum that houses all the shoes of the people killed in the gas chambers? It is a very emotional experience.

I have always loved her. I wish that I could see the house-museum. Maybe someday.