For Agnostics of Love

A girlfriend convinced me to watch the movie series a long time ago.  She and her sweet sisters and mother should be impressed with a man who watches this, right?   

I did watch it, and I did like it.  If fact, the girl fell asleep, but I kept watching into the night until I had watched all the vcr tapes (including Anne of Avonlea).  It affected me deeply,  and there were tears, so it was better that the girl was asleep.

I did not like the story for the same reason my girlfriend and her womenfolk did.  She loves the story for all its goodness - seeing herself as Anne, the angel superhero who can be smart and witty too.  (In truth she was not half as smart or good or interesting as Anne, but that is a story for another time). 

Rather, I prefer all the prickly or mysterious characters who are charmed by Anne's relentless goodness; I prefer the irony and darkness, which cannot resist loving and hoping just a little in her presence.  Perhaps I am still waiting for my Anne; perhaps she is God, but I am still not sure whether God exists.

The one character I absolutely despise is Gilbert - that sappy, noodle-spined, desperate excuse for a man.  He is the archetype of the submissive schlep who begs to be accepted at any price; which Anne sees well and uses to her full advantage.   Anne should have run off with Mr. Harris.

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Without Gilbert to create tension in the story, it wouldn't have been the same. He was the stereotypical boy that picked on the girl he truly fell for. If the story had been written differently and Gilbert told Anne in the beginning that he liked her, the tension between them wouldn't have existed. The fact that he picked on her and tried to be her equal is what added that extra la<x>yer within the story.

who is mr harris? i read all the books but i have not seen the film, so i don't know who he is.<br />
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personally i find anne of green gables comforting. its nice to escape to a world of constant beauty and happiness. i like how anne changes matthew and marillas' lives. (are they even in the film?)