Her, Her Books and Her Writing Style

Anne Rice has had quite the colorful life. Her life began in New Orleans in 1941. She and her sister had a very Catholic upbringing by alcoholic parents. She lost her mom early, was inflicted with a stepmom, forced to live in Texas, felt like an outsider and moved to San Francisco. She married by 21 and lost her husband to brain cancer in 2002.

Interview with the Vampire was her first publication in 1976 for $12,000. The movie rights and paperback rights brought her more financial success since Interview was very popular with fans and critics. By 1988, with Queen of the Damned, she now commanded $500,000 advances and finally moved back to New Orleans. She flourished as a writer and went into diverse topics.

I loved the series of Vampire Chronicles and especially loved her melodramatic and romantic writing style. Anne also wrote under another penname, A.N. Roquelaure, for a trilogy about the erotic adventures of Sleeping Beauty. She has written another 7 books since 2000 that I look forward to catching up on, having already read the rest of her publications.

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She is my all time favorite author, from the vampire chronicles to the ghost in the Witching Hour to Beauty in her erotic tales of Sleeping Beauty, this woman has me wrapped around her finger!

I also love Anne's novels. I have read quite a few of her works and how she put her own life's challenges in her books. Although she has a new found religion she is still a woman after my own heart.

The Vampire Lestat is my favourite.

I read "Interview" in 1980, then hungrily snatched up & read her subsequent novels. She paints such vivid luxurious, ethereal, and sensual pictures with words!

My brother "knows" everything! There comes a point where you have to just let him live in his own little world! They know him there! :-)

Her husband might have changed your brother's mind, he's passed on now. And she has children that look like her and her husband. Her voice doesn't convince him?

"The Witching Hour" is fantastic! My absolute favorite. I have a regular fight with my brother--he Swears Anne Rice is a man!! He absolutely will Not believe she is a woman! I have seen interviews with her! He still insists! :-p

I got so into the Vampire Chronicles that I felt like I'd been to N'Orleans already. I so got into her head with her as she told the tale. Critics knocked her for being low brow...I'd take that kind of income and be low brow!