How many guys would actually **** a girl when she's on her period?
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i totally agree with many reactions here.. i don;t find ******* when a girl is on her period.. i love oral sex too then.. lots of girls love being licked by their lover then.. they are soo horny then.

nope.. umm i wud prefer oral sex on those days..

i would. i dont have a problem with it. it actually ends the girls period earlier

I have, and probably still would lol

I have my red wings;)

Usually not gonna go there but... hot gf, heat of the moment? Ok a cpl times, it's all good and got the butt cpl times instead of red. kahrma booty , )

Hello, most women are much hornier when they are on their period and there is no issue with fingering them, licking them or ******* them when they are bleeding, it is so hot and horny

I would if she was hot enough and there was a towel and maybe it was dark I know how horny women get on their period so that would turn me on.

I will but through the backdoor :))

right now i would happily **** you anywhere and any how lol

yu're a great gal !

I have did this

I have been ****** on mine

My man does! He knows i'm extra horny and then plus it's easy to just jump in the shower after :)

I have. We had anal.

Its a natural thing if it feels good go with it..

Doesn't interest me


I knew a girl that LOVED it that way. So yeah... it happens.

I have many times

If your having sex correctly, it's messy and requires clean up anyway.
Having sex during her period really only adds color to the mess.
Most girls are a lil hornier during their time of the month.
So I say, go ahead & do it.

Did you like it?

Yes I do like it

That's interesting to know

Id love to do that

I must say that I have so many times have sex with women who was on there period