Anthony Bordain (don't Know If I'm Spelling That Right!) No Reservations!..gross, Fascinating..never Boring!

I happened to catch this show by mistake one time on the Travel channel, and from that day on, I was HOOKED! This guy is so funny with his dry sarcasm, you have to love him! And the places he goes...FASCINATING! It's like a travel/food/eating show....he goes to different countries, tells you a bit about the culture and landscape..mostly about the people, always the most fascinating aspect of a place...and the particular sorts of food they eat...often, so different from what we eat! GROSS and DISGUSTING....(WARNING: don't watch the show if you have an upset stomach to begin with)! But it's just so interesting....the dishes other cultures find appetizing...the arm-chair travel aspect...and the host's dry wit and sense of humor.. it's never boring! Plus, it's educational! For instance, yesterday he went to Namibia in Africa...he had to eat part of a Wart hog's head that had been burried and cooked in hot sand, and the business end of the wart hog (I told you this was gross - well, not to the tribal people who live there who think it's a delicacy, I guess!) Well, Anthony Bordain had to eat that, and he really looked sick afterwards! On a different show, he went to Thailand and had a sauce made out of the contents of a fish's stomach. Watch it! I guarrantee you'll be grossed-out, fascinating...but never bored!
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You're right. That is a good show - didn't catch that episode with the wart hog though. Not sure I want to! Also good on the Travel Channel - Samantha Brown!