Anticipation - This word gives me butterflies in my stomach, and when it involves the right man it can make me shake like a leaf in the storm.  I don’t even have anything going on but I still have anticipation of what could happen every single minute of the day with this man. I dream about him. I wake up wondering if he is thinking about me. I anticipate his every move. I don’t even need the promise of something with him because I am excited for what MAY happen. It is just the possibility that something can happen for us that I am anticipating.  He keeps me on the edge and it is a wonderful thing.

The song that inspired this post.

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I see you wrote your comment three years ago and I hope you still get these messages, because I must say that I am in that exact situation at the moment, but it's with a man I will be meeting for the first time at the end of September. I live in CT and he lives in the UK and we've grown very close over the last 16 months. We skype regularly and he is absolutely driving me nuts. The anticipation is killing me, and of course the fear of not hitting it off in person is always there (though we both aren't too worried about it). Thanks for your post. You took the words right out of my mouth.


wow I was just listening to this song in my car. Great song..<br />
She used to be a neighbor. I am not sure she still lives there, very private.