It's Pretty Cool ....

I saw a woman who found a really ugly spoon... It looked like a silver flat paddle, hidden in the rafters. It was from the serb times, medieval. She got $15,000 USD for it. WOW.


Still haven't found anything like it in my house.... :) 

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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

The shows not on in my area anymore !

I agree LunarPanda - It makes you stop and look twice at yard sales. I do this now too. There are some really unique pieces that you would never dream of having a value like that. <br />
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Bowlman - LMAO!! I think I ran into a woman like that ... scared me to death. =]

Better than seeing the woman that 'GOT HIT BY THE UGLY SPOON'.

I love this show too. It is my favorite. I really enjoy learning about the value of all these different things that people show up with. esp the people that find things at Goodwill or thrift stores that are worth big bucks. I like learning why things are valuable and what to look for, even tho my garage sale days are pretty much over. It's a great show, and I really like a lot of the experts. Esp when they find something that is really rare or unusual and they get so excited themselves.