Just Moved

I recently had to move home. I am glad to be near my family again. My childhood home is filled with antiques from my great great grandparents. Over the years I have purchased a few of my own antiques, not as old but treasured by me. In moving I had to leave some of my things behind, and the few items I brought with me don't fit well here and for some I cannot unpack because I cannot find a space for them. I created a small space in my room that is my own. A very small cabinet next to my bed. I had to move a table from there to the next room. That was met with a shocked exclamation of concern, but at least also, the realization that I need and deserve at least some space to call my own. I look through the boxes that are still packed. I think about the items left behind. Will I ever be able to unpack them, will I ever have space of my own, will I be able to explore my interests and feel at home. That sense of home, is much more elusive than I anticipated.
shydragonfly shydragonfly
46-50, F
Sep 16, 2013