Strange Request

Im not sure this is the approproate place for this, and if its not, I will certainly remove my request.

I do love antiques, but I especially love knowing the sotries behind them. For example, I have a Coca-Cola Zippo lighter from 1968 that was my grandfathers, and it still works! It has a little wobble in the lid and the chrome is a bit scratched, but otherwise it is an almost perfect antique, with great sentimental value. I have a few others as well. I have a very old lightbulb of my dad's, and a few other small items. I could have a very antique (working!) gas stove and claw footed bathtub if I could get them to my house.

One thing that I have that Im looking for help on is an old metal crate, I suspect its a milk crate, but after lots of research I cannot find a picture or description matching it. I would add a picture if I knew how. Its divided into 4 compartments. Its not wire, its like sheet metal with vents cut in the sides and bottome. On the sides it says "Boswell's" in cursive, and a little number 58. Im not sure if the number represents the year or not, but that would be cool! I found this in a junk pile behind my granmother's house. It too is in very good condition, with only a bit of surface rust on the bottom corners and top lip.

Anyone seen/heard/familiar with anything like this? Closest match I could find on google pics was an old metal detective angency's crate! How cool would that be. :D

Id appreciate any info or conjectures on this at all. Thanks!

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

It sounds like an old ice box. Try searching those