When I Was Little I Had A Dream...

When I was really young i lived in a haunted house with my mom sister and i think my two brothers were there too. The house was haunted by a suicide victim who's name is Stuart. It wasn't until recently that i found out that this terrifying dream was, for lack of a better word, a vision of how he killed himself. The dream went like this... I was standing at the top of the basement stairs and was kind of watching this man that i couldn't really see walking towards me but he couldn't see me. He went passed me and that's when i saw that he was carrying something in his hands... Not knowing what he was going to do i followed him with out following him if that makes any sense... It was a dream so it makes a little sense... He went down the stairs and turned left into the basement and walked over to a chair i think... for a second i don't really see whats going on then i see this man i just followed hanging from a beam or something... He was dead... I will never forget that dream... I don't know why I was the one to have this dream. I don't remember being scared I don't remember feeling anything or even the man feeling anything... i couldn't feel despair or a sense that he was giving up... It was like someone telling you something in monotone... I see shadows all the time and it can often be scary but at the same time it's very exciting...
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That sounds like something that would happen in a movie. Sounds like you might have a gift.<br />
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Very interesting.<br />
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