Audible Ghosties

When I was young and living in my parents house, I was sleeping in my uncles old room.  I had just moved into his room and I had been given a component stereo with a turntable, and a radio.  I remember I was reading on my bed and began to drift off so I remember going over to the stereo turning it off and then pulling the bedsheets over my head and trying to go to sleep.  (I had terrible insomnia)  Anyway, as I'm lying in bed I hear the radio turn on and then one by one the last three songs I had just heard on the radio before I went to sleep played again.  One was a BeeGees song and I can't remember the other two.  I went to the stereo and tried turning it off but the stereo was already turned off.  So I unplugged the stereo, and the music kept playing and it got louder and louder.  I was so scared I started screaming real loud, so loud I woke up my neighbors who lived far away from us.  Neither one of my parents woke up.  I find this rather strange.

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wow... i agree... it's a little strange...