What Do You Feel...

When you step out your frount door....what do you feel?

as i walk down tha stairs of my country woods home, take a big strech, and thank god for another day. there are many things that grab my attention with all scence...and i realize that tha possiblitys are endless for the day.

sight=i see tha beautiful trees, tha sunrays threw tha branches,

smell=i smell tha fresh dawn air.. a goodmorning deep breath of possitiveity

hear= i hear tha birds that wake up singing, blissful music to accopany coffee.

taste= i taste tha dew of tha morning, something you only taste once a day.

touch= i feel tha damp chill, an awakoning that today is something new

i love any type of nature because there is so much to be learned from it...in everyday. in every way.

870rebelrose 870rebelrose
22-25, F
Feb 20, 2010