My Best Summer ~

My best summer is one I'll never forget.

My sister is a professional skydiver. In fact, she taught at a school in Wisconsin.
My family got together to experience this in celebration of my Dad's 50th
birthday.  I think it's pretty cool my Dad tried it at his age.
Anyways, I'm always the 1st out of a family of 7 to do anything.
I'm the risk taker adrenaline addict.
When we were in the plane climbing it hit me for the 1st time the reality of the situation.  My sister saw by the expression on my face showing there was something bothering me.  She asked me what was wrong & I said "I'm afraid I'll fall off the step on the wing before it's time to jump".  She said "Don't worry, you'll be headed in the right  direction".  haha   I did go tandem with my brother-in-law and the jumping went fine.  It's when we were free falling & it was time to pull the shoot that we had problems.  It took him a few times attempting to open it. Once he achieved getting it opened, the rest of the ride was breathtaking over the beautiful rolling hills in Wisconsin.

That same summer I had a hot air balloon ride with the perfect weather for it.  The adrenaline rush was going strong just anticipating the ride.  We went over  bright colorful fall trees & also touched the surface of the water in a river.  It was so spectacular no one spoke. Then it was time to land and the adrenaline started to pump again.  We slowly approached the ground and I was none the less concerned the basket might tip.  It didn't and I still smile thinking about my perfect ride.

Then later in the summer I learned how to drive a motorcycle.  A friend taught me first on a rice burner because I didn't want to lay my Harley down.  It was a thrill to get on the bike.  I practiced in a large parking lot until I graduated on the back streets.  Then came my low rider & my adrenaline pumped! I don't ride anymore, but it was the best summer of my adult life.
WarriorMom WarriorMom
51-55, F
Jan 10, 2013